Design, Assembly, Test & Commissioning

At Oberon Engineering Services we offer a complete service on Excitation Systems & associated Control Systems, matching our services to your specific requirements. We specialise in the upgrade and retrofit of older systems and can design, supply, install and commission systems.

Oberon Engineering Services provide site services to commission other manufacturer's equipment, particularly the large OEMs to whom we regularly provide commissioning services.

In addition to Excitation Systems we also specialise in Synchronising Systems for generator schemes. Synchronous Motor Excitation Systems and small Steam Turbine Control Systems have been designed, supplied and commissioned by Oberon Engineering Services over recent years.

Design, Assembly, Test & Commissioning

Some of the manufacturers and types of Excitation and Synchronising equipment we work with


Unitrol 1000-7 Unitrol 1000-15 Unitrol 1000-20 Synchrotact: SYN 5100 SYN 5201


DX21 C10/120 MC15 HC15 LC110 FV223 SL96 MX3EG1A


RG3-T4 RG3-S7 Thyripol Siprotec 7VE61 Siprotec 7VE63


Prismic A30 Prismic A12 Prismic A50 MAS 100 MCS100


DECS 125-15 DECS 100 DECS 200 DECS 250 DECS 300 DECS 400